Convenient therapy is a must for you.

There is little time for additional travel. Taking two hours to attend a one-hour appointment isn’t an option.

The stop-and-go traffic, lack of parking, and time lost in transit are convincing enough to find another alternative. And, if you’re traveling to a 7 a.m. appointment, you don’t get your morning coffee, and at noon, you lose your lunch.

Juggling kids, taking care of pets, and rescheduling meetings are daunting.

Feeling surprised, having therapy in the comfort of your home or office sounds invitingly possible.

Here enters teletherapy.

A no-hassles appointment conveniently located where you are.

And the natural beauty is you can be anywhere in California, so that doesn’t limit your options.

Using a phone or video allows you to switch it up anytime. All you need is a private space with no interruptions.

Teletherapy is entirely safe and HIPAA-compliant. Therefore, you are satisfied knowing your sessions are secure and confidential.

But you have some reservations.

You are used to seeing a therapist at their office and wonder if teletherapy is as effective as in-person therapy. I understand your hesitation, and yes, it does.

The additional benefit of flexibility makes telehealth work for you! Frankly, much of it is so similar you don’t notice a difference. Now that’s real progress.

Closeted introverts can relax. On-the-go extroverts can check it off their list.

You get the added benefit of my many years practicing telehealth.

It’s time to try teletherapy!

Let’s chat so you can experience teletherapy for yourself.

Schedule a consult with me, and you’ll see what you’ve missed.

Begin now!