Therapy works, yet something is still missing.

You’ve made it through the darkness of depression and the discomfort of anxiety, but you’re missing your mojo when it comes to self-accountability.

The days and weeks pass with little fanfare. It isn’t easy to plan your future. You desire more than being stuck in procrastination, lacking clear direction, and being out of sync with your purpose.

With so many choices, options, and directions, decisions overwhelm you. The difficulty in prioritizing, following through, and managing time becomes apparent.

Fears and self-doubts continue to creep into your mind. Lacking a plan, you wonder how others develop one.

Curious, you wonder what makes coaching different than therapy.

Imagine being proactive with a present forward focus, concentrating on your future.

You utilize your motivation for change and put your values and strengths into practice.

Working on empowered priorities, you’ll make clear decisions and oversee your destiny.

You’ll feel excited and welcome challenges as you move toward your inspired future.

“In therapy, your goal is healing. In coaching, you’re following the trail of dreams.”

– Psychologist Carol Kauffman, Ph.D.
Director of the Institute of Coaching,
a nonprofit organization at Harvard Medical School’s McLean Hospital

It’s time to level up.

Extraordinary results and working toward excellence are waiting for you.

Desired futures and manifesting results are just around the corner.

Are you ready to leap into the person you want to be?

How do I differ?

If you have previously been in therapy, I can help you bridge the gap between therapy and coaching for a smooth transition.

My understanding of human behavior and development will benefit you. You will gain from my education and experience in both psychotherapy and coaching.

Together, we devise plans. Then, you execute them. Weekly, we will meet for accountability and measure your progress toward the life you dream of having.

It’s time to start creating and manifesting the life you imagine. Wait no longer! Let’s chat.

Client Example – Mid-Career Blues

Jane, a 40-year-old entrepreneur living in San Diego, is concerned about her future. She is seeking therapy for help to navigate COVID’s impact on her relationship and event catering business.

Attending therapy, she realizes she might lose the business if she doesn’t make changes. Pressured and embarrassed, she feels anxious, “holding down the fort.”

The therapist supports Jane in building her confidence to cope with the heightened stress she is experiencing. They collaborate on a plan to navigate the near future and chart a long-term plan, including her partner’s input.