Anxiety and Depression

1979913266Anxiety is debilitating and feels awful.

Once in a while, you might feel anxious. It might be before a presentation at work, when taking a test, or during other stressful moments. While uncomfortable, it’s considered somewhat normal.

If it persists and interferes with everything in your life, it becomes a problem. That kind of anxiety can impact your emotional and physical well-being.

If your feeling persistent anxiety, have difficulty concentrating, and feel on edge anticipating the next catastrophic event, then anxiety has a hold on you.

Your heart may pound, your mind may race, and you may become distracted. Eventually, those uncomfortable pins and needles encircle you, rendering you immobile.

Motionless, you wonder how to turn it off.

Being alone in your experience makes you feel helpless.

Being seen this way is not an option; control sets in, and you fake a happy face.

While being frazzled on the inside, you hope they don’t notice.

Lonely, scared, and silent, you fear the repercussions if you reveal what’s happening.

After days of avoiding it, depression appears.

The weight of your morning is heavy, like sludging through quicksand. This feeling makes starting each day a challenge. Some days, you want to stay in bed.

An emptiness inside you invites sadness, making sleeping difficult. Even taking care of yourself becomes a chore.

Joy eludes you, and you gradually withdraw from what you love most. Even relationships with loved ones are challenging.

Seeing loads of undone laundry, you wonder when your motivation will return. At this point, you wonder if things will ever be the same.

Anxiety Img 2“I wish someone could understand how I feel.”

Helping you understand is where I come into the picture. Let’s work to get you back on track and help you reduce the overwhelm, banish the anxiety and depression, and get back on your feet again.

We’ll eliminate nagging thoughts, reduce fear, and lift your spirits, leaving you feeling calm and motivated.

We’ll use Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy to purge outdated beliefs and useless assumptions.

We’ll calm your nerves so you can return your attention to what’s important.

We’ll eliminate the problem and brighten your days.

We’ll utilize your natural intelligence and my experience to tackle new challenges easily.

Don’t let anxiety and depression take over!

Contact me today, and let’s start now to help conquer those feelings that have you stuck.