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Another sleepless night.

Tossing and turning in bed, your mind is racing.

You can’t stop obsessing over every moment of the previous day’s events and hypothesizing about what might happen tomorrow.

The constant stress of work and the pressures of your relationships are wearing on you.

Every morning is the same.

You try to muster up the courage to face the day.

And wonder how you’ll stay motivated and focused with so much else on your mind.

Doubt and insecurity make you endlessly second-guess yourself.

You’ve begun to question every decision.

Should I end my relationship? Should I quit my job?

You’re overwhelmed by the seemingly unlimited options for your future.

If I could only think about it long enough, the answer would be clear. But it doesn’t.

You try your best to hide how you’re feeling.

Putting on a happy face and forcing a positive attitude in public.

Pretending everything is fine, so you don’t concern those around you.

But the thin veneer of normalcy is starting to crack.

It all feels hopeless.

You seem unable to make progress or arrive at any decision.

Exasperated and unmotivated, the anxiety of overwhelming choice weighs on you.

You’re terrified that you may be stuck like this forever if something doesn’t change soon.

There is a way forward.

Imagine a peaceful future – waking up and greeting the day with excitement.

You have the confidence and motivation to take a leap of faith, knowing you’ll survive no matter what happens.

Therapy can help you get to this place.

And I can help.

Let’s Talk

Hi, I’m Douglas.

I can’t wait to help you take the next step in your healing journey.

Together, we’ll develop tools to grow your confidence in yourself and your choices.

We’ll collaborate to carefully process your thoughts and emotions as you learn to trust your natural intuition and innate intelligence.

Using proven methodologies, you’ll be able to clarify your direction, regulate your mood, and master your focus, so you feel in charge of your life.

It’s time to step into the driver’s seat.

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What People Are Saying

- A.N.

Douglas has been amazing with helping me learn to identify and heal
from traumas related to my sexuality.
– A.N.

- D.E

I look forward to working with him each week and would recommend him with much confidence.
– D.E

- J.O.

I like that Douglas has both a coaching and psychotherapy background.
– J.O.

- C.A.

Douglas is an incredible counselor. He is insightful and I would highly recommend him. I have made so much progress that I didn’t even know was possible.
– C.A.